SoCal Winter Wonderland Blog Hop and Giveaway!

I am so excited to be a part of the WINTER SoCal Blog Hop!!! We have FREEBIES and a GIVEAWAY! What?!! Yep! 25 of your favorite SoCal bloggers have joined up and do we have some goodies for you! Make sure you check out each blog for your Freebie and don't forget to enter the Giveaway...a $60 gift certificate to TpT and a $60 gift card to Target! WooHoo! 

Our theme this time is...
Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland in SoCal! So, when you think of SoCal, you probably think of the beach and sun! Well....I live in the mountains, in Wrightwood, and we definitely get our share of sun, but we also get SNOW! Not so much the last few years {think drought}, but we definitely get some. And, in the years that it really snows. One year we had the week before Christmas off because it snowed so much...3-4 feet in a week! I was shoveling for days. Not really. I wait until it's finished snowing, sit in my cozy house..hoping it melts..and then when it's finished, I shovel! HA! Mainly because I can't stand when after I finish shoveling, the plow comes by just to create an enormous berm! Making it so I have to shovel all over again! So, I wait. 
Now, you are probably thinking, "It doesn't snow that much in SoCal." That's what my sisters always tell me {they live in Idaho, where I grew up}. It can definitely snow here. A lot. The difference melts pretty quickly. 
I love the snow and hope we get more this year! 

Here are a few pics I found of my little town in the winter...
Thank you to for the images. 

Top left: The drive into town
Top Right: Our little Post Office. Yep, we all have P.O. Boxes and have to go there to get our mail! Oh, how I miss getting my mail delivered to my house! It is cute, though and you are almost always bound to run into someone you know! 
Bottom Pics: The main drag! LOL! 
Wrightwood is a super cute, little town and I truly adore it. 

So, you might be asking, "Where is this place?" We are located in the San Gabriel Mountains and you pass us on your drive to Vegas! Oh, and we have a little Ski Resort called Mountain High! Here is a not so great pic of a map that shows where we are...

 Here are some pics that I took, yesterday, of my little house and my doggies in the snow!
 We only got a few inches, but my dogs loved it!!! Earlier today, they were running around like they just drank 5 mountain dews! HYPER!!! 

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my SoCal Winter Wonderland!
Now, onto the goodies!!!

Here's a little sneak peek!

I created  Words of the Month - January Style Freebie
for our Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland in 
SoCal Bloghop!!! Oh, my, I LOVE it!!! 
Do your students constantly ask you how to spell words??? Mine sure do! Most of the time, I want them to use inventive spelling and do their best job. But, sometimes, they just want to know how to spell a word, correctly! Ya know?! Especially, when we are writing about monthly activities. So, I created this product to help us all out!!! I am soooo excited to put these words up in my classroom! My students are going to be sooooo happy! 

I also created {and will continue to add all of the months} Words of the Month - February Style!!!

 Here's a little sneak peek!
 Oh, my gosh, I am ready for Valentine's Day because of the fun pics in this beauty! 

Are you ready to enter the Giveaway?!

 Enter! Enter! Enter! 
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After you enter the Giveaway, make sure to check out apples & ABC'S and her beyond adorable blog and FREEBIE!!!

Happy, Happy Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland in SoCal!

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