I know I have been missing in action and I am so very sorry! The short version is that I had the toughest student in my 18 years of teaching and it truly took so much out of me. So much. This student is now in a more appropriate placement and doing much better.

I will share more {in a December blog post} about how this experience made me question almost everything and how it has helped me to reflect on the teacher that I was, am and want to be.

I promise to be a much better blogger in the month of December!!!!!

Now, onto more exciting news! TpT is having a Cyber Sale!! WooHoo!
Thank you to The 3 am Teacher for this adorable button! 
Isn't it just the cutest?!

My little store will be 20% off plus the additional 10% from TpT {using the code TPTCYBER }.

 Although I have been missing in action as a blogger, I have been creating like crazy for my class! And, I finally finished making them TpT worthy!!! I DO NOT know how I survived last school year without these two products! They are two of my favorites and a MUST have! Really. At least, for me. I hope you will check them out! I know you will love them, too!

This is just a sample of the 120 pages! Click on the picture to see how many Common Core 1st Grade Math Standards are covered in this packet...A LOT!
 This is a sample of one of the first 50 High Frequency Words included in this packet! I love the variety of ways used to help master these words!

Click on the pictures and they will take you to my TpT Store, where you will get a detailed description of each one! I love, love, love both of these products!

I hope it doesn't sound like I am tooting my own horn when I tell you how much I love these products...I don't mean to. I created them out of necessity and maybe that's why I love them so much. I created them to fit my students' needs and they have become my favorite products because they have helped my students so much!!! I hope they can help yours, too!

Happy, Happy Shopping!


  1. How creative ideas!! All this is the amazing stuff to teach children. Being a full time teacher at the domestic Phoenix pre-k I would love to invest in these products. Thanks a ton for sharing the link dear!

  2. That 1st grade common core morning math printable collection is my favorite among all. It will be very useful in my homeschool. I have just started running my homeschool so I have been collecting fun ideas for that. At I found several ideas that are so easy and impressive.


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