"Floating Down to First" Giveaway

Hi, My Friends!

School is coming!!! Or, already here!!! Some of us are already back in full-swing! Some of you still have a couple of weeks! 
#jealous #really jealous

My sweet friends, Jen from Sparkling in Second Grade and Carol from The Super Sparkly Teacher, have invited me to join their "Floating Down to First" giveaway, since they will both be making the fall from 2nd to 1st this year. 
Welcome Aboard, ladies!!!

They have  invited some experienced 1st grade teachers/bloggers to help celebrate! {thank goodness, what would we do without this community of teacher-bloggers??} Sometimes, I wonder how I got through my first few years of teaching without bloggers, TpT, Pinterest, Instagram. I don't know about you, but I am a much better teacher because of these resources!!! New teachers are so ahead of the game!

Check out the great things you can win with this Giveaway!

Enter in the rafflecopter below:

Good luck! 
The Giveaway ends on 
Sunday, August 24th!


  1. The first few days will seem long in first grade because your firsties will take a long time to complete any activities you give them! I always over plan and have many activities to save for next year! Lol

  2. I would try to have a code word or action to get your class' attention. My class this year likes to talk so if I need to intervene I say macaroni and they say cheese and then they have to freeze. It's simple and I don't have to raise my voice to get their attention.


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