A First Day Freeebie and a SALE!

Have you started back to school, yet? We started back on August 14. I kinda blocked out forgot how tough the first week can be...My little ones are coming from HALF day Kindergarten and staying a whole day, can be tiring. 
"I'm hungry."
"When's lunch?"
"Is it time to go home?"
"I have to go to the bathroom."
"I'm hungry."
"Can I get a drink?"
"Is it time to go home, yet?"
"I have to go to the bathroom, again."
These are all things I was thinking my little ones asked me that first day.
We are working on our rules, our routines, our behavior and just learning to be 1st Graders. 
Overall, it was a good day. But, we have a long way to go. You forget, or at least I do, how different they are at the beginning of the year. Just so much to learn!!!
Here's a fun freebie I used on the first day!
I grabbed it from
Sorry I look a lot little tired...I had my picture taken at the END of the day! Isn't the sign just amazing?! 
I LOVE it!!!

We started our day with this cute, little Freebie!
It's in my little store, so go and grab it! It includes Pre-K - 5th Grade! 
It's just a fun way to start your first day of school! Enjoy!

Did you hear about the One-Day Sale? 
 Don't forget to use the code BOOST, for another 10%off!
 Happy, Happy Shopping!!!
I think I am buying more during this SALE, than the last one! Uh-Oh! 

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  1. I just finished my first day of TK today..we dismissed by noon to get them adjusted. I don't know how I am still awake right now! I am exhausted but still pumped up from adrenaline I guess lol! I could've totally written this post! Those things that you listed are all I heard all day ! I ALWAYS forget how far the littles come in a school year too! Lots of love, patience, and training! Imagine having TK students that haven't even had preschool or any type of structured home life! That's alot of my class plus it's mostly boys this year! :)


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