My New, Favorite Pencil Sharpener and #create2educate with Michaels!

Pencils. Pencils. Pencils.
Dull pencils. Broken pencils. 
Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!
 "My pencil's broken."
"My pencil's not sharp enough."
"My pencil won't write."
"My pencil just broke."
"I want my pencil to be pointy."

Have you heard this as much as I have? Do you dislike pencils as much as I do? 
Or, I should say, DID!

I have gone through soooo many pencil sharpeners in my teaching career! When I first started teaching, I didn't know any better, and we just used the pencil sharpener that came with the classroom, you know, the one that's on every classroom wall.

Eventually, I decided I needed an electric pencil sharpener. I just bought a cheapy one {I was still a newish teacher}. Of course, it broke. So, then, I bought another cheapy broke. This cycle went on for quite a few years. 

Finally...I bought an expensive pencil sharpener. And, it has lasted 4 years...BUT, my students are not allowed to use it. EVER. EVER. Well, that can get old. Fast. Plus, it's at the point where it works intermittently. 
So, once again, I was on the hunt for a new pencil sharpener when I read this review by Mind Sparks! 

I contacted Classroom Friendly Supplies and they sent me a pencil sharpener to review. I am soooo glad they did. I cannot tell you how EXCITED I was to try out this new pencil sharpener!!! Especially, since my expensive pencil sharpener decided to "die" AGAIN!!!

I.AM.In.LOVE. In love, I tell, ya! I told my students all about this pencil sharpener. They were super excited to try it out! One, because our classroom sharpener was broken and their pencils were dull. Two, because they were actually allowed to use this new pencil sharpener. I decided that if I am going to review it, I wanted to see how my students did with it. Would it hold up to their little hands? 
My students absolutely LOVED this pencil sharpener by Classroom Friendly Supplies.
The Ooohs and Aaahs were just incredible. Really. Here are just a few of the things my first graders said about this pencil sharpener:
"It's so cool!"
"This is the sharpest pencil I've ever seen."
"You don't even have to hold the pencil."
"Look! One hand!"
"My pencil is so pointy!"
"This is the best day ever!"
Now, those are some SHARP pencils!!!

If you are looking for a new pencil sharpener OR a pencil sharpener that is just AWESOME, this is the pencil sharpener for you. I should know. I have owned more than enough for ALL of us! 
This pencil sharpener is kid friendly, easy to use, quiet, and with just a turn or two, you have the "...sharpest pencils ever!" 
to find your new pencil sharpener! They even have PINK! I am pretty sure that's my next one! 
Gotta love pink!  

 Have you heard about the #create2educate #sweepstakes with 
#michaels ?!!

Here I am at Michaels, shopping! I was there forever! The ideas just kept flowing!!! Oh, and PLEASE ignore my bags and wrinkles! HA!

I am so excited to share with you what crafts I have been working on!!! I am teaming up with Michaels and their #create2educate sweepstakes! Guess what?! You can join in, too! Have you been getting your craft on? Are you ready to share your creativity with #Michaels? Would you like a chance to win a $50 gift card from #Michaels?
Here's what's up!
 What is #Create2Educate?
 #Create2Educate is a sweepstakes to keep you inspired all year long! Create an original back-to-school project and upload a picture of it to Instagram, using #Create2Educate and #sweepstakes. While you’re there, tag @MichaelsStores too. The contest runs Friday, August 1 through Friday, August 15. A random winner will be selected daily and will receive a $50 gift card to Michaels. All entries will be shared on

 How will Michaels choose a winner?
 Each day’s entries (4 p.m. to 4 p.m.) are gathered and a winner is selected randomly.

When does the contest begin and end?
 The contest begins on Friday, August 1 and runs through Friday, August 15. Entries beyond this date will not be eligible to win.

 What does the winner receive?
 Michaels chooses a daily winner, and the winner will receive a $50 Michaels gift card.

 Can I enter more than once?
 Yes, entries are unlimited.

What must be included in my entry?
 Tag @MichaelsStores in a picture of an original and unique back-to-school project on Instagram using #Create2Educate and #sweepstakes. If you don’t have an Instagram, upload the photo of your creation to

I’m not a teacher, can I still enter?
 Absolutely! Teachers aren’t just in the classroom, anyone can be an educator.

 Do I need to give permission for Michaels to share my project?
 Yes! A link is provided in Michaels Instagram account bio. You must follow the link and complete the steps in order for Michaels to share your photo on and/or social channels.

I submitted my project and was directed to a link to grant permission. Does Michaels need my permission? 
 In order to share your photo on, you must grant Michaels permission to use that photo using the link in their Instagram profile. Once approved, you creation will be shared for all to see.

 Do I have to use only supplies from Michaels? 
Where else would you find such a wide variety of supplies?

I entered my #Create2Educate project. Why don’t I see it on
 Be sure that you’ve given permission to Michaels to share your unique project by following the link in Michaels Instagram profile. Once your content has been approved, it should be viewable on Michaels Create2Educate site.

So, do you want a sneak peek of what I am working on?! 
 Yep. I've got at least four projects going on! I am so excited to make them and Michaels' #create2educate #sweepstakes has me super motivated!!!
What about you? Are you working on a project? Are you going to enter? I can't wait to hear all about it!

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