July Currently and a Happy 4th SALE!

I am linking up...a little late...with Oh' Boy 4th Grade and her July Currently!

Listening: I love the news. I don't know why. But, right now, I am listening to the weather and it just makes me happy!

Loving: It hasn't rained here in FOREVER! But, today, it rained for about 45 minutes with a little hail thrown in here and there! LOVED IT! I adore summer storms and we are supposed to have them all week! YAY! 

Thinking: Are you going to the TpT Conference in Vegas? I am sooooo excited for it! I can't wait to meet so many amazing bloggers and TpTers! I feel like it's kinda like meeting celebrities! HA! Wonder if they feel like celebrities...at least in the blogging/TpT world?!!!

Wanting: More energy! I am sooooo tired lately! I don't know why! I need a nap almost every day...I guess I should be thankful it's summer, so I CAN take my nap. But, this lack of energy is interfering with all of the projects I need to finish. 

Needing: I need to pick up a few things for Vegas...maybe a new outfit? Plus, I am going to make little goodie bags for my roomies...so I need to pick up a few, fun items!

4th Plans: Just relaxing... And enjoying it! What are you doing/did you do?

I am putting my little store
 on SALE for the weekend! 

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!


  1. Vegas? Have a super fun time! Are you attending the K conference or just TPT? :)

  2. Thanks! I am super excited!!! I'm just attending the TpT Conference and the different meet ups! There's actually a giveaway for a $50 gift card for an Erin Condren Planner...for those going and those not able to make it (2 altogether)! If you haven't already entered, I'll have a post about it up in a bit and you can enter there! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Beth :)

  3. Hi Beth! I love the weather report too lol! Everyone at school always teases me about being the "go-to" for weather..it's really cuz I have to mentally prepare myself if it's an "indoor recess" kind of day lol! :)I hear you about needing more energy to tackle all of my summer projects! I think I packed too much into my summer!You are going to have such a BLAST in Vegas...wish I were going but maybe next time! I look forward to seeing all the pictures and recaps of the TPT conference and meets up! Take Care!

    1. Hi Jessica! I'm totally the "go-to" weather girl at my school, too! Especially, in the winter! HA! I want to make Vegas an annual tradition...it just seems too close not to! I am so excited and will definitely share lots of pics! Can't wait to see you at the next meet-up!

      I am heading straight to your blog to follow you! I am so excited for you and your new venture! You are going to love it!
      Beth :)


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