Five For Friday!

Happy Friday! 
I love when Friday morning starts off with smiles! I traded morning duty with another teacher, today. So, I was able to greet a lot of our students as they came through the gate. They kept hearing, " Good morning!" And, I loved saying, "Happy Friday!" Loved the smiles when they heard me say that! I normally have the same duty on Thursday mornings! I decided this morning that I like Fridays better!!!
Happy Friday! 

I spent last Summer being crafty and creating so much for my classroom. 
 I posted about these clips here.  At first, I LOVED these clips!!! But, I probably should have used more Mod Podge on the tape OR I should have sprayed them with adhesive...because with a class that moves their clips A LOT, they get used. The tape was coming off, and the clips looked worn down!!!
So, when I found these beauties at Michaels, I was hooked!
  I posted here on how I added a decorative touch to the clips, 
and used these clips for Goodie Bags! So many options!!!

I discovered this salad this week at Costco! It is really good! I add spinach to it and I also added raspberries!! I really like fruit in my salads..kinda odd, I know! But, it's an easy way to get your fruit in! I have a BAD habit of working through my lunch and skipping eating, which turns into bad night time eating! So, I am back on track, and I feel so much better already!

Oh, and the best part? It was $5 for two!

This next activity was inspired by these mittens
from Kinder-Craze!
I planned on making them! They were prepped and everything!!! BUT, the weather did not cooperate! How can we make a mitten craft, when it's hot out?! So, I am saving the mittens (prepped and ready to go) for next year! I knew I still wanted to make a window activity using contact paper and tissue paper, so we made these fun rainbows!

These were so easy! I put out a sheet of contact paper, cut into a square, for each student. Then, I set out the tissue paper. Once they made their rainbow, I put another square of contact paper on top of the rainbow. Then, I cut out the rainbow shape! So easy! So much easier than wax paper and glue, which is how I used to do this! 
Thank you Kinder-Craze for this GENIUS idea and inspiration!!!

 Have you checked out A Cupcake For The Teacher
and her amazing craftivities, yet? Run! Go! Now! Her products are so amazing and so friendly! My students just LOVE it when we make one of her crafts! 
She also adds wonderful writing activities to the products, as well! 
We made these cuties this week! LOVE!

 My little sweetie that made this one said, "I'm going to 
make it look like it's walking!"

 We visited our pre-school class this week, and saw these cute, cute, cute baby turkeys!
My students just loved this and so did I!
They are just the cutest! 

How was your week? Did you link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching? You should! 
 Can't wait to read all about your week!  

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  1. Those baby turkeys are soo cute! The chicks craftivity looks like a great addition for the spring bulletin board!


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