Five for Friday and a little Easter Fun!

It's Five for Friday Time! 
We started our unit on weather! I love A Cupcake for the Teachers's Whimsical Weather pack! I also love A Day in First Grade's Weather Activities Pack! Both of these ladies have amazing products!

We also played many of the games in my Wet 'n Wild Weather Pack! I love how these games reinforce our learning!
I have had a "Garden Party" in my class for quite a few years now! The students LOVE it! I always tell them that bunnies love veggies! We have salad, veggies and ranch dressing! I usually bring a variety of veggies. One of my little ones said, "This is the healthiest meal I ever ate!" I'm hoping it's because there were only veggies on the plate and so it seemed ultra healthy to him!
There are so many adorable little crafts to make during Spring/Easter! Here are a few that we made!

I've made the same Bunny Basket for years! I posted about it here.  Many of my firsties were in my Kindergarten class last year, so I wanted to make a new Bunny Basket this year! I was inspired by this Pinterest post!

These were super easy! I found the supplies at Walmart and JoAnn's. 
Step 1: Purchase supplies.
Step 2: Draw bunny ears. You can use paper, but I used foam. Have students choose color and cut out.
Step 3: Hole punch the sides of the cup.
Step 4: Let students choose their basket handle(pipe cleaner). Have them attach to cup by twisting each side.
Step 5: Hot glue ears, eyes, whiskers, nose, and tail.
Step 6: Add grass and candy! Enjoy!
See! Easy Peasy!

The straws are from Target and the stickers are from Michaels.
 I love making bookmarks/reading pointers for my students! I try to make them for most holidays. They are a quick and easy prize!

 We also made this fun little craft that I found at Michaels!
One of my little ones brought me these beautiful flowers! 
 I just love how adorable they are! I never knew carnations could look so cute! They really made my day! So, so sweet!!! 
On Thursday, we had a Minimum Day...which meant staff development in the afternoon. During the training, they shared this quote..And, I just LOVE it!

How was your week?


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