April Currently

How is it already April?! It's time for
 Listening: I almost always watch the news! Unfortunately, I'm watching the 11:00 news...Time for bed! I have a bad habit of staying up way too late! I'm such a night owl!!! 

Loving: I am so excited that I am registered for the TpT Conference in Vegas!!! Are you going?? I debated and debated...and finally decided I am too close not to go! I CAN'T WAIT!!! 

Thinking/Wanting/Needing: They pretty much go hand in hand! I put in a transfer...to 4 different schools...we only have 6 elementary schools in my district. I had an interview, an observation/interview, and this Thursday I have a third interview! The 4th school doesn't have any openings. The tough part is...we have a lot of teachers interviewing for the same positions. I am just ready for a change and I hope this is the year it happens!!! Our class size is FINALLY going from 33 (supposed to be 32) to 27. So, I am hopeful!!! 

Hours and Last Day: We open our doors at 7:50, but our official time is 8:05-2:50. As a teacher, our official hours are 7:50-3:05. 
Our last day is May 30! 

Oh...and I never revealed the question to March's answer. My answer was black. Many of you said, it's my favorite color to wear. And, I do wear black a lot. But the question was, "What is your toenail color?" HA! I really do love black polish, especially on my toes! 

Just think...the next time we write our Currently, it will be May..and school will almost be out! Yay!
Summer, here we come!


  1. Crossing my fingers for your interview on Thursday. Good Luck!! :)

    1. Thank you so much! It seemed to go well!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

      Beth :)

  2. Sending you great thoughts for your interview. Just show them your adorable So Cal Goodie Bags. If I was the principal, I would hire you on the spot. :) Have a great Thursday!

    1. Awww..Thank you so much! You are so, so sweet! Hopefully, I will hear some news soon! I'm *hoping* by the May Currently!!! Oh, and I did send them all two videos from Flipagram of my classroom! They loved it!

      Beth :)


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