Birthday Giveaway by Ramona Recommends!!!

Courtney, from Ramona Recommends, is celebrating her 30th Birthday with a Giveaway!!! She co-hosted (with Kristen, from Easy Teaching Tools)my first ever blogger meet-up and is just a sweetie! I posted about the blogger meet-up here. I was so excited when she asked me to be a part of her AMAZING Giveaway! 

To say thank you, Courtney has invited her TOP 30 favorite sellers on Teachers Pay Teachers to share in her birthday excitement. A HUGE thank you goes out to all 30 sellers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Courtney's 30th birthday celebration ROCKIN! I am so excited to introduce who the "birthday presents" will be from...

Every time I look at this picture, I get excited. So! I hope you are too. Here is how the giveaway will work. It will start bright and early Monday, April 21st and go through Friday, April 25th at 11:59pm Please make sure to read this section as there are a few ground rules to enter. Because this is a huge giveaway, I broke down the presents into three groups. You may enter all 3 giveaways. Please do what is asked of you to enter. I know it can be a little daunting if there are 10003 (or 30) tasks for one giveaway; that is why I made 3 different giveaways. I just ask as a gift to me you follow the rules. I want my Top 30 sellers to get love as well. ***If you enter all three giveaways, you only need to do Ramona Recommends stuff once.***The 3 Winners will be announced and emailed that weekend (possibly Monday). Those three winners will receive emails from the donors with the birthday present they won. For example: If Rita Book entered Birthday Present 1 and WON, she would get all those treats only. So! I suggest entering all 3. You never know you; could win all three! :)

 Inside Birthday Present #1
Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd loves Parts of Speech Scoot and More
Teaching and Much Moore loves Cooking Up Comprehension
Teacher to the Core loves Comprehension and Fluency 101
A Kindergarten Life for Me loves Winner's Choice
Easy Teaching Tools loves Summer Literacy Handbook K-3
Sparkling in Second loves Spin a Modifier (Activity for Adverbs and Adjectives)
Laugh Love Learn loves Sun, Sand, and Math
All Y'All Need loves A Unit Inspired by Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Meet Miss Parker loves Spring Differentiated Reading Comprehension Passages
Mrs. Peterson Loves to Teach loves I can Statements Common Core 1st Grade
a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Inside Birthday Present #2
Ramona Recommends loves The Scoop about Close Reading
Teaching with a Mountain View loves Addition and Subtraction Task Cards
Oh Boy 4th Grade loves Winner's Choice
Melonheadz Illustrations loves Beauty Bundle 
KG Fonts loves One Font Single Font License
Ideas by Jivey loves Because of Winn Dixie Novel Unit
One Extra Degree loves GLUE IT! Multi-Step High Order Thinking Interactive Journals
The Library Fox loves Winner's Choice/$5 or under clip art set
Lesson with Laughter loves Winner's Choice
The Brown Bag Teacher loves ROOTS Hands On Activities for Greek/Latin Root Words

 Inside Birthday Present #3
The Science Penguin loves Science Notebook Activities
Teaching in Room 6 loves Is it Summer Yet Palm Poet-Tree
Free to Teach loves Figuartive Langauge Unit
Teach. Inspire. Change. loves Position Research Paper Unit 
Beach Lovin' Teach loves Mr. Brown's Precepts Classroom Posters
Fourth & Ten loves Spelling Contracts Through the Year
Sailing into Second loves Spring into Learning 6 Literacy and Math Centers
For the Love of Teaching loves Editable End of the Year Candy Bar Awards
4th grade Frolics loves Rounding, Rounding, and Ordering Too Math Activities
Where the Wild Things Learn loves ELA Common Core Review and Test Prep  
For some strange reason, I cannot get the code to work for the 3rd giveaway. Please click on the link to enter, or please visit Courtney's post! I am so, so sorry, but I have been trying and trying and it's just not cooperating! :(

Thank you so much for coming to Courtney's birthday party aka 30th birthday giveaway. It was a pleasure to be your hostess. Go check out these amazing seller's blogs and Teachers Pay Teachers stores!

Wordless Wednesday
I have had to be a BIG advocate for my students. What have you done to advocate for your students?

Five for Friday and a little Easter Fun!

It's Five for Friday Time! 
We started our unit on weather! I love A Cupcake for the Teachers's Whimsical Weather pack! I also love A Day in First Grade's Weather Activities Pack! Both of these ladies have amazing products!

We also played many of the games in my Wet 'n Wild Weather Pack! I love how these games reinforce our learning!
I have had a "Garden Party" in my class for quite a few years now! The students LOVE it! I always tell them that bunnies love veggies! We have salad, veggies and ranch dressing! I usually bring a variety of veggies. One of my little ones said, "This is the healthiest meal I ever ate!" I'm hoping it's because there were only veggies on the plate and so it seemed ultra healthy to him!
There are so many adorable little crafts to make during Spring/Easter! Here are a few that we made!

I've made the same Bunny Basket for years! I posted about it here.  Many of my firsties were in my Kindergarten class last year, so I wanted to make a new Bunny Basket this year! I was inspired by this Pinterest post!

These were super easy! I found the supplies at Walmart and JoAnn's. 
Step 1: Purchase supplies.
Step 2: Draw bunny ears. You can use paper, but I used foam. Have students choose color and cut out.
Step 3: Hole punch the sides of the cup.
Step 4: Let students choose their basket handle(pipe cleaner). Have them attach to cup by twisting each side.
Step 5: Hot glue ears, eyes, whiskers, nose, and tail.
Step 6: Add grass and candy! Enjoy!
See! Easy Peasy!

The straws are from Target and the stickers are from Michaels.
 I love making bookmarks/reading pointers for my students! I try to make them for most holidays. They are a quick and easy prize!

 We also made this fun little craft that I found at Michaels!
One of my little ones brought me these beautiful flowers! 
 I just love how adorable they are! I never knew carnations could look so cute! They really made my day! So, so sweet!!! 
On Thursday, we had a Minimum Day...which meant staff development in the afternoon. During the training, they shared this quote..And, I just LOVE it!

How was your week?

Wordless Wednesday:Bunny Baskets!

I am linking up with Sugar and Spice 

 Do you make Bunny/Easter Baskets in your class? How do you make yours?
I will share how I made these on this week's Five for Friday Linky!
 Link up with Sugar and Spice and share your Wordless Wednesday!

Five for Friday...on a Sunday!

It's Five for Friday...on a Sunday! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and her AWESOME Linky!
 Our office had a tough week! I wanted to brighten their day and thank them for all of their hard work!
Courtney, from Ramona Recommends, shared this idea on Instagram and I knew I had to make them for our office staff! I also posted a little about this here.
My class learned the song.. {to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine"}..and we took these bags and 5 big yellow flowers {wind mills} to our office staff. They were a BIG hit!!! There were smiles, hugs, and some tears! I loved showing my class how a little bit of kindness can go a long way! 

 Did you know that Thursday was National Siblings Day?

Can't wait to see my sisters this summer!!!
We always have sooooo much fun together!
 We made the cutest anchor charts (thinking maps) this week! My students LOVED making the bunny activity that went with! Have you used products from A Cupcake for the Teacher? I just adore her

Aren't these just the cutest?! I'm loving them!

 One of our campus monitors is making these for our students! All they have to do is bring her the yarn!!! Aren't these just adorable?! No more lost or forgotten water bottles!
This week, I found out I did not get a position that I really, really wanted! I found out in the worst way! I was emailed that I got the position {I did think it was VERY odd to get an email saying, "Congratulations! Welcome aboard!" Isn't this supposed to be done with a phone call??}...AND THEN 3 HOURS later,...I was emailed that the first email was a mistake! It was meant for someone else! I thought I had this position for 3 HOURS! I was soooo excited..imagining packing my classroom, imagining my new classroom and my new school. FOR.THREE.HOURS. 
It was such a let down to find out I did not actually get the position. So, these quotes are gentle reminders that it wasn't meant to be. And, I also have to ask myself, "Do I really want to work for a principal that would make a mistake like that?! Probably not. You, know? We all make mistakes, but this was a biggie! She did call me to apologize and I, of course, said, "It's okay, no worries..." I was trying to be as gracious as I could...even though inside, I was so upset. Not because I didn't get the position, but because I thought I had the job and had started making plans and getting excited...It was just such a letdown. But, I know that..everything does happen for a reason...and there's something better out there for me!

 Or, at least try! Right?!

How was your week? Lots of ups and downs in mine! I'd love to hear all about yours on Doodle Bugs' Linky!
And, of course, in the comments! :)

Wordless Wednesday: Little Bag of Sunshine

I have discovered a new Linky Party hosted by  
A BIG thank you to Courtney from Ramona Recommends for the inspiration!

What have you done, lately, to brighten someone's day?

Five For Friday!

Happy Friday! 
I love when Friday morning starts off with smiles! I traded morning duty with another teacher, today. So, I was able to greet a lot of our students as they came through the gate. They kept hearing, " Good morning!" And, I loved saying, "Happy Friday!" Loved the smiles when they heard me say that! I normally have the same duty on Thursday mornings! I decided this morning that I like Fridays better!!!
Happy Friday! 

I spent last Summer being crafty and creating so much for my classroom. 
 I posted about these clips here.  At first, I LOVED these clips!!! But, I probably should have used more Mod Podge on the tape OR I should have sprayed them with adhesive...because with a class that moves their clips A LOT, they get used. The tape was coming off, and the clips looked worn down!!!
So, when I found these beauties at Michaels, I was hooked!
  I posted here on how I added a decorative touch to the clips, 
and used these clips for Goodie Bags! So many options!!!

I discovered this salad this week at Costco! It is really good! I add spinach to it and I also added raspberries!! I really like fruit in my salads..kinda odd, I know! But, it's an easy way to get your fruit in! I have a BAD habit of working through my lunch and skipping eating, which turns into bad night time eating! So, I am back on track, and I feel so much better already!

Oh, and the best part? It was $5 for two!

This next activity was inspired by these mittens
from Kinder-Craze!
I planned on making them! They were prepped and everything!!! BUT, the weather did not cooperate! How can we make a mitten craft, when it's hot out?! So, I am saving the mittens (prepped and ready to go) for next year! I knew I still wanted to make a window activity using contact paper and tissue paper, so we made these fun rainbows!

These were so easy! I put out a sheet of contact paper, cut into a square, for each student. Then, I set out the tissue paper. Once they made their rainbow, I put another square of contact paper on top of the rainbow. Then, I cut out the rainbow shape! So easy! So much easier than wax paper and glue, which is how I used to do this! 
Thank you Kinder-Craze for this GENIUS idea and inspiration!!!

 Have you checked out A Cupcake For The Teacher
and her amazing craftivities, yet? Run! Go! Now! Her products are so amazing and so friendly! My students just LOVE it when we make one of her crafts! 
She also adds wonderful writing activities to the products, as well! 
We made these cuties this week! LOVE!

 My little sweetie that made this one said, "I'm going to 
make it look like it's walking!"

 We visited our pre-school class this week, and saw these cute, cute, cute baby turkeys!
My students just loved this and so did I!
They are just the cutest! 

How was your week? Did you link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching? You should! 
 Can't wait to read all about your week!  

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