Instagram and Another Great Giveaway!

When I started blogging, I had no idea how many blogs I would discover by using social media. I still have not mastered Facebook. At.All. 
It's my summer goal!
I will log into Facebook.
I will log into Facebook.
I will log into Facebook.

While reading one of my favorite blogs last summer, I discovered Instagram

 This is my Instagram profile pic! I'm with my sisters! 

 A screenshot of my Instagram account!

 Oh, how I LOVE Instagram! I have discovered so many wonderful ideas, shared ideas, went to a meet-up and met bloggers in REAL LIFE (because of "meeting" them first on Instagram). 
The first person I followed and the first person that followed me...was my best friend's 10 year old daughter! I was so grateful for a follower!!! :)
 I love how many people (mostly teachers) I have discovered since then! So many ideas are shared on Instagram! It's such an easy way to share your idea and immediately receive feedback. As some have said, it's collaboration at its finest! 

I have been lucky enough to participate in a few Giveaways, lately, also because of Instagram! I am currently participating in TWO! I posted here about Easy Teaching Tools So Cal Blogger Giveaway!

I am also participating in a Giveaway hosted by 
She is celebrating 100 followers on TpT! Do you follow her? Check out her blog and you can sign up to win some fun products! Including, choosing ANYTHING from my little TpT store!

Are you on Instagram? Do you follow me? Do I follow you? I would love to follow you! Leave your information in the comments and I will check out your Instagram account and follow you right back!!! Or, just let me know on Instagram! Can't wait to hear from you! :)


  1. I am following you now - be sure to check me out on Instagram - teachingtidbitswithjamie!!!!!


  2. Hey Beth,

    I noticed you stopped by my blog and wrote a comment about the Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener. You mentioned that you were in the market for a new sharpener...and had thought about purchasing the Classroom Friendly Supplies sharpener......

    Anyway....below is a link you can click on. This takes you to their website, where you can get a sharpener for FREE. You have to promise to write a review...but they will send it to you with no charge. It's pretty simple. If you have any questions....feel free to email me. I just thought I would pass the word along to you.....just tryin' to help a teacher out :)

    Mind Sparks

    1. Hi Katie!

      Oh, my goodness! You are so awesome! Thank you! I just sent in my request!!!

      Can't wait to review this pencil sharpener! Yay!!!

      Beth :)


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