Tattle Box and a Freebie Tattle Report!

Do your students tattle a lot? Mine do! 

"He took cuts!"
"She looked at my paper!"
"He is staring at me!"
"He's mocking me!"
{this seems to be our latest, most popular tattle}
"She won't let me play!"
"He isn't doing his work!"

Oh, my goodness! It was beginning to drive me crazy! I knew I had to go to my methods from years ago when I taught 2nd Grade. But, this time, I cutesied it  up a little more!

I know some teachers have students write tattles in a notebook. BUT, I knew what would happen in my class...........
"He has the notebook, and I need to write my tattle!" "She is taking forever!" 

I did not need MORE tattles! So, I created this little Tattle Report!

 I love how the little girl in the picture is raising her hand to tattle on the boy! Even though this would probably be a tell, not a tattle!

I knew that if the tattle was important, it would be worth writing down. I also wanted to make sure they were answering important questions about the tattle. So, not only do I have less tattles now, but my student work on their writing while filling out the report! It's a win-win!

We have also talked about the difference between a tattle and a tell. My students know that they can tell if someone has hurt them or someone else. This is not a tattle. We've had to work on the difference a little bit, but they are understanding.

I also created a Tattle Box! I knew I needed a place to put all of these tattle reports! I found the perfect box at Target! It's a supposed to be a Valentines Box!

Of course, I knew I had to cutesie it up!

I found this cute little container at Target to hold 
the blank Tattle Reports!

I keep this all in an easy place for my students!

My students just love these Tattle Reports. They know that they can get a report, when they feel the need to fill one out. They don't have to ask. 

When I taught 2nd Grade, I would read the reports {once in awhile} on my own. Once in a GREAT while, I read them to the class. 

But, in 1st Grade, they want me to read the tattle reports in front of the class. And, so far, we have. I read them to the class on Fridays before we go home. I also do a mini behavior intervention while reading these reports.  Sometimes, the students just need to be heard. And, this is an easy way for that to happen without taking away from our learning time.

Would you like a copy of this Tattle Report for your classroom? Click the picture and it will take you to my TpT store! I hope it helps your class as much as it is helping mine!


How do you handle tattles in your class?


  1. I have seen the tattle box idea all over Pinterest and has been on my to-do list forever. This has inspired me to try it out this week. Although, I won't have time to make a cute box like yours!

    Kate :)
    McDee's Busy Bees

    1. Since I discovered Instagram, I'm not on Pinterest as much as I used to be! I am going to have to search Tattle Boxes! I had one about 7 years ago...but it was just a basket! I didn't make it cute!!! I needed this one, FAST! So, I just taped those pieces on the box...I already have ideas spinning on how I am going to make it fit into my owl themed classroom! Already making more work for myself! I'll definitely share my Tattle Box makeover! HA

      I hope the Tattle Reports help with your tattling! I know they are helping a 4th Grade teacher at my school!

      Beth :)

  2. Hi,
    This is great. I just have two questions:
    1) do you read the tattle sheets at the end of the day or the week or when they build up?
    2) do you give all the details of the tattle when you read it to the class? My worry is that reading a tattling aloud and mentioning the people involved will single out students.

    Thanks! I found you through TPT and I'm glad. Take care!


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