Reading Buddy, Reading Finger and Reading Sticks!

Do you have any special tricks that you use with students to help them get excited about reading?
 I LOVE using stamps for motivation. Students just love getting a stamp on their hand as a form of positive reinforcement. One day, while sitting with one of my reading groups, I made up the "reading buddy" and added him/her to the "reading finger."
 Stamps from Lakeshore. I use them so much that their pictures have started to wear off! I usually just take the lid off to see which stamp it is! Guess it's time for more!
Meet our "Reading Buddy!" Yep. It's that easy.

Like so many of us, I was always reminding students to point to their words when they read. "Good readers point to each word." "Good readers use their reading finger." I was a broken record. Then, came the stamps. I like using the happy face stamp because it does look like a little buddy or friend. I made up a little story {I do that a lot, while teaching...Don't we all?!!} It seems like it's a requirement!!! I said, "Today, we are going to meet our Reading Buddy. And, he is going to help us read!" I put a stamp on everyone's reading finger. I said, "Say, 'Hi Reading Buddy! Thank you for helping me read today!'"
They LOVED it!!!!

 At the end of the lesson, we said, "Thank you Reading Buddy! We'll see you tomorrow!"

I also love Reading Sticks! I shared about some Owl Reading Sticks that I made earlier in the year here. I use the ones I made as Name Sticks, but use the extras as Reading Sticks. 
 With Valentine's Day coming, I wanted to make some new 
Reading Sticks. 

I made two different styles! 
 These sticks are from Hobby Lobby

 These stickers are from JoAnn's. I also found the hearts at Target in the $ bins! I only used the hearts for this project. I used the owls for the next project.

 I just LOVE how they turned out! They were so easy and quick to make!

The craft sticks are from JoAnn's and the stickers are from Target $ bins.

I used the owl package for these Reading Sticks.

I just LOVE them! I can't wait to use these next week! My students are going to just flip!!! 
What tricks do you use to keep reading fun?! I'd love to hear about it!!!


  1. Great ideas Beth!! If only I could have "reading buddies" for my sixth graders. Ha!

    Mind Sparks

  2. I love this idea!! You are such a creative teacher who is helping to inspire me and I am so grateful!! Thank you!! I will be sure to scour the shelves for Valentine's Day discounts this week to have these for next year! Sincerely, a Grateful K Teacher from Maine :)

    1. Hi Celina!

      Oh.My.Goodness. I really, really needed this today! Thank you soooo much for such an amazing compliment. I truly appreciate it!

      I love trying to make learning fun and sharing my ideas, so I am so happy to even inspire you a little bit. Thank you!

      Beth :)


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