Five for Friday

Can you believe it?! I am actually posting on a Friday! Yay me!

 This week was filled with assessments, make up assessments, and every night I had grading on my TO DO List! Unfortunately, I failed miserably at the grading part. I just don't like grading on week nights!!! I don't know why. Probably because I have way tooooooo many TV shows that I watch during the week. Oh. And, the fact that I am super tired at night! So, this weekend, I have to GRADE.LIKE.CRAZY. And, write all of my report cards! 

 This pretty much sums it up!


Do you watch Scandal?!!! I am obsessed with it! Obsessed. I was so excited that it started back up again on Thursday! I just LOVE Olivia Pope. I want to be her when I grow up. Really.

 Posted this on Instagram on Thursday!!!
So exciting!!!

 Did you get some goodies during the sale? I got way too many! Here are a few that I am excited about!
This has been on my wish list for awhile now! So excited to try it! 
How adorable are these cuties?! So excited to make something fun with this! I got way too much clip art during this sale! Can you really have too much?!! I told myself that you can't! So, I just kept adding it to my cart! HA!

I am obsessed with A Cupcake for the Teacher's craftivities! I loved using her February Centers and I am super excited to try out her March Centers! So excited!!! I just love her work!!!

I purchased A LOT more than this, but just wanted to share a few! What goodies did you get?!

I woke up this morning to pouring rain!!! We need the rain/snow desperately! So, I was happy it was raining, but it was POURING! Streets were flooding! Pure craziness! As I was driving to school, kinda annoyed that they didn't call a flood day...I saw this beautiful rainbow! 

 Loved the rainbow! Could have lived without how windy it was today!

I really am loving that this rainbow made an appearance for my students to see! It stayed awhile! We even saw it from our classroom window. Next week, we are doing some projects with rainbows, so this was perfect!

So, because it rained pretty much the entire day, we were on inclement weather! I had 8 students absent and 2 went home the afternoon, I only had 23!!! Oh, how I wish that was how many students were in my classroom!  

Wishful thinking.
For sure.
 But, because our class was so small, we played free-time centers! 

 Legos! My students didn't even know I have Legos! They were beyond excited to build with these! Everyone wanted to go to this center! 

 Unifix cubes! They were measuring whose was the tallest! The group before them connected them all together! 

There were also puzzles, tic tac toe with white boards, and a drawing center with markers! 

Fun! Fun! Fun!

How was your week? I would love to read all about it on Doodle Bugs Linky!


  1. Are you kidding me? 33 kids!!!! I have 28 and feel exhausted at the end of the day. The rainbow is beautiful. Love the much needed rain. I'm assessing too. Great buys from the TPT sale! I'm a new follower!

    1. Yep. 33. In December, I had 34. We made a combo class and I went down to 31, but quickly moved back up to 33. We are making another combo class and I will go down to 28 or 29. But, with our growth history, I am sure I will grow again. It's crazy! Luckily, next year we will be at 27, due to new funding. Here's to fingers crossed!!! Oh, how I miss the days of 20.

      I just hopped on over to your blog and I am your newest follower, too! You have such wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing!!! :)
      Beth :)


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