Five For Friday and Slim Down Saturday-Better Late Than Never

Each year our school has a Young Authors Contest. I have always wanted to enter with a class book. This year, we are!!! We shared this at our Open House this week. 

  I wanted the parents to see our book at Open House, even though some of the pages were still rough drafts. The students worked really hard on our book. We were inspired by the song "Brave," by Sara Bareilles. We will turn our book in this week. I plan on posting about the process and will share if we are chosen! My class really wants our book made into a book that will be in our school's Library! They worked really hard on I think we might have a chance!
We made the cutest, clay snowmen this week! They are not finished yet..some are still drying..some are just waiting to be painted...And, I am waiting for the time to squeeze the rest of this adorable project in! 
Crayons and Whimsy  shared this project on Instagram and then also shared that she had blogged about it. I knew my firsties would just love this. Here are our snowmen, shortly after we made them.

Aren't they just the cutest?! My class can't wait to paint them! 
We celebrated our 100th Day on Tuesday! We were able to squeeze a few activities in! And, I used this frame that I made to take everyone's picture! A student took my picture! 

I got the mat and the wooden letters at Hobby Lobby! I made a similar frame for the 1st Day of School..and I am thinking about making one for Valentine's Day, too! 
Thursday was our Open House! Yep. In January. In the dark. I like...I mean LOVE Open House in May. At the end of the year, when it's light out! Our turn out was definitely smaller than usual. It was also cold and windy, so I am sure that had a bit to do with it, too. So, even though only about half of my students came, they still loved sharing our classroom with their families.
Earlier this week, my co-worker and favorite work friend, was diagnosed with cancer. She had to have emergency surgery and the biopsy determined that she has cancer. She still does not know the exact kind or stage. It made for a VERY stressful and sad week. I am so worried for her, but also trying to be hopeful. I said a lot of extra prayers this week! On the positive side, her parents were able to fly out and help her with this transition. Will you say an extra prayer for her? I'm getting teary just writing this...we have taught together for 12 years and I miss seeing her every day! She's a strong lady and I know she has a lot of fight in her!!! 

 Ultimate Goal: I will make this goal! I am so ready to be back at my pre-teaching weight!
Gain/Loss: I did not link up last Saturday, but I did lose 2 lbs. This past week I lost .5 lbs.
Total since starting: 8.5 lbs. I can do this!
Positives for the Week: I fell back into eating dairy and sugar! I ate a lot of sugar! Wayyyyyy too much candy!! It has to stop. It just has to. 
Something to do better: I just have to cut out dairy and sugar! I really do. I am pretty sure the dairy is giving me a rash on my face. I used to think it was from gluten, but I haven't been eating gluten. So, I am pretty sure it is from dairy. Not good.
Goal for Next Week: Start fresh! I want to pretend like it's the first day again. I need my will power back.
One Word: I have been saying I am going to add exercise in...every week. And, I haven't. I recently found out about some Zumba classes that my co-workers are going to...and I think I am going to go this week! That's my goal!!! Wish me luck!

This past week was definitely a struggle. I can't let stress get in the way of my journey. I need to be stronger than stress! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay strong and link up, if you haven't already! I would love to hear how you are doing! 

 Link up at Third Grade Tidbits to share your journey!


  1. I've been trying to start fresh too! My exercise and diet went to the wayside when I got sick a couple of weeks ago! Why is it so hard to get back on program? Good luck this week!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Young adults are already in a category that lose weight a lot faster than say someone who is 45.
    I am 40 and found P90X and Insanity worked well..very well. Bill Phillips Body for Life worked very well years ago.
    And I wanted something that was easier on my body, didn't take as much time, and I didn't have to think about what my next meal was going to be.
    I researched and found two that my full criteria. I know there are more out there...
    First I found one that is great for men and women at
    And the one I decided to do because it has a great support system of women doing the program and finished the program, just for women, and simply laid out and guaranteed and I found it at
    I'm losing on average 1 1/2 pounds a week.
    I think one of the keys to success is setting yourself up for success. Find a plan that is realistic to your lifestyle so you aren't cheating or angry at yourself for missing a workout or a meal.

    To your lifestyle change!


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