Five for Friday

Can you believe it?! I am actually posting on a Friday! Yay me!

 This week was filled with assessments, make up assessments, and every night I had grading on my TO DO List! Unfortunately, I failed miserably at the grading part. I just don't like grading on week nights!!! I don't know why. Probably because I have way tooooooo many TV shows that I watch during the week. Oh. And, the fact that I am super tired at night! So, this weekend, I have to GRADE.LIKE.CRAZY. And, write all of my report cards! 

 This pretty much sums it up!


Do you watch Scandal?!!! I am obsessed with it! Obsessed. I was so excited that it started back up again on Thursday! I just LOVE Olivia Pope. I want to be her when I grow up. Really.

 Posted this on Instagram on Thursday!!!
So exciting!!!

 Did you get some goodies during the sale? I got way too many! Here are a few that I am excited about!
This has been on my wish list for awhile now! So excited to try it! 
How adorable are these cuties?! So excited to make something fun with this! I got way too much clip art during this sale! Can you really have too much?!! I told myself that you can't! So, I just kept adding it to my cart! HA!

I am obsessed with A Cupcake for the Teacher's craftivities! I loved using her February Centers and I am super excited to try out her March Centers! So excited!!! I just love her work!!!

I purchased A LOT more than this, but just wanted to share a few! What goodies did you get?!

I woke up this morning to pouring rain!!! We need the rain/snow desperately! So, I was happy it was raining, but it was POURING! Streets were flooding! Pure craziness! As I was driving to school, kinda annoyed that they didn't call a flood day...I saw this beautiful rainbow! 

 Loved the rainbow! Could have lived without how windy it was today!

I really am loving that this rainbow made an appearance for my students to see! It stayed awhile! We even saw it from our classroom window. Next week, we are doing some projects with rainbows, so this was perfect!

So, because it rained pretty much the entire day, we were on inclement weather! I had 8 students absent and 2 went home the afternoon, I only had 23!!! Oh, how I wish that was how many students were in my classroom!  

Wishful thinking.
For sure.
 But, because our class was so small, we played free-time centers! 

 Legos! My students didn't even know I have Legos! They were beyond excited to build with these! Everyone wanted to go to this center! 

 Unifix cubes! They were measuring whose was the tallest! The group before them connected them all together! 

There were also puzzles, tic tac toe with white boards, and a drawing center with markers! 

Fun! Fun! Fun!

How was your week? I would love to read all about it on Doodle Bugs Linky!

3 Million Teachers Strong! 
Isn't this just the cutest graphic?! 
Thank you to Rachel Lamb for sharing!

Is your cart full? Mine sure is! I LOVE shopping, but especially when everything is on SALE! 
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Luck of the Irish Giveaway!!!

Do you follow Kristin over at Easy Teaching Tools?
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I am participating in this giveaway and sharing my Wet 'n Wild Weather Center Games!

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Five For Fraturday and An Oldie But Goodie Freebie

 One of these days I am going to write a Five for Friday post on a Friday! I am just sooooo tired on Friday nights? Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone? 
We use tables in our classroom. My students do not have desks. So, I have had to be creative with my storage space. At first, I was keeping their books in crates. When we needed Journals, we would just pass them out. But, now that it is the 3rd Trimester...
YIKES! And, of course, YAY!
...My students work at such different rates, now. Some finish sooo quickly, while others don't always finish. To help with this, I purchased these drawers and made labels to match our owl themed classroom! Now, all of their workbooks, math packets, etc. are in these drawers! We are all loving it! I have table leaders that get the books when we need them and they are also in charge of keeping the drawer organized. Responsibility at its finest!

 These drawers are from Target! I love how the 
color hides the items a little bit!

 I have been rearranging and organizing my classroom a little bit more, lately. It seems like there's always more to organize. It is a never ending cycle.

 My cubbies used to be against this wall...I moved them to our carpet area. Do you see them in the top right corner of this picture? Whenever we line up, I have the students put their papers in their cubbies...well, the line was just getting in the way. This move was a long-time coming. 

I also had my aqua desk and shelf change places! The students needed access to the desk and it was just too crowded. This is working perfectly. Now, when my students need something from the desk, they aren't bothering the students at the table next to it. {They rarely need items from the shelf, so it was a perfect trade!} Do you rearrange your classroom, often?

 We made the cutest project this week! We were supposed to complete it last week for Valentine's Day, but we ran out of time. It is such an ADORABLE activity, that I was NOT going to save it for next year. So, we fit it in this past week. First Grade Blue Skies posted about this and I KNEW we had to do it! 

My students LOVE when I put some of our projects above the door! 
They think it is so funny that they can see the legs from the 
outside when our door is open! HA!

Do you recognize this "someday" couple? Do you? Do you? It's Froggy and Frogilina!!! How precious are these cuties!?! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Froggy books! Some of my VERY favorites!!! This project is based on the book Froggy's First Kiss, by Jonathan London!

We have been reviewing our rules like CRAZY this week! We are tightening up across the school with reminders of how to walk in our lines. We walk...
"Zip and Flip"
"Zip and Hip"
always with a
"Bubble in your mouth"
 reminding the students of our school rules
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe

I have also been reviewing my classroom rules! I use the rules from Whole Brain Teaching! We have been revisiting them like CRAZY!!! I created this to match my classroom theme. Click the picture for this fun Freebie!

My students have been tattling like crazy!!! So, I created a Tattle Report and a Tattle Box to go with it! 

I posted about this Tattle Box and shared a Tattle Report Freebie here. I am enjoying A LOT less tattles since incorporating this into our class! So.Much.Better.

Have a wonderful week! Hopefully, I will post on Friday next week! HA!

Tattle Box and a Freebie Tattle Report!

Do your students tattle a lot? Mine do! 

"He took cuts!"
"She looked at my paper!"
"He is staring at me!"
"He's mocking me!"
{this seems to be our latest, most popular tattle}
"She won't let me play!"
"He isn't doing his work!"

Oh, my goodness! It was beginning to drive me crazy! I knew I had to go to my methods from years ago when I taught 2nd Grade. But, this time, I cutesied it  up a little more!

I know some teachers have students write tattles in a notebook. BUT, I knew what would happen in my class...........
"He has the notebook, and I need to write my tattle!" "She is taking forever!" 

I did not need MORE tattles! So, I created this little Tattle Report!

 I love how the little girl in the picture is raising her hand to tattle on the boy! Even though this would probably be a tell, not a tattle!

I knew that if the tattle was important, it would be worth writing down. I also wanted to make sure they were answering important questions about the tattle. So, not only do I have less tattles now, but my student work on their writing while filling out the report! It's a win-win!

We have also talked about the difference between a tattle and a tell. My students know that they can tell if someone has hurt them or someone else. This is not a tattle. We've had to work on the difference a little bit, but they are understanding.

I also created a Tattle Box! I knew I needed a place to put all of these tattle reports! I found the perfect box at Target! It's a supposed to be a Valentines Box!

Of course, I knew I had to cutesie it up!

I found this cute little container at Target to hold 
the blank Tattle Reports!

I keep this all in an easy place for my students!

My students just love these Tattle Reports. They know that they can get a report, when they feel the need to fill one out. They don't have to ask. 

When I taught 2nd Grade, I would read the reports {once in awhile} on my own. Once in a GREAT while, I read them to the class. 

But, in 1st Grade, they want me to read the tattle reports in front of the class. And, so far, we have. I read them to the class on Fridays before we go home. I also do a mini behavior intervention while reading these reports.  Sometimes, the students just need to be heard. And, this is an easy way for that to happen without taking away from our learning time.

Would you like a copy of this Tattle Report for your classroom? Click the picture and it will take you to my TpT store! I hope it helps your class as much as it is helping mine!

How do you handle tattles in your class?

Reading Buddy, Reading Finger and Reading Sticks!

Do you have any special tricks that you use with students to help them get excited about reading?
 I LOVE using stamps for motivation. Students just love getting a stamp on their hand as a form of positive reinforcement. One day, while sitting with one of my reading groups, I made up the "reading buddy" and added him/her to the "reading finger."
 Stamps from Lakeshore. I use them so much that their pictures have started to wear off! I usually just take the lid off to see which stamp it is! Guess it's time for more!
Meet our "Reading Buddy!" Yep. It's that easy.

Like so many of us, I was always reminding students to point to their words when they read. "Good readers point to each word." "Good readers use their reading finger." I was a broken record. Then, came the stamps. I like using the happy face stamp because it does look like a little buddy or friend. I made up a little story {I do that a lot, while teaching...Don't we all?!!} It seems like it's a requirement!!! I said, "Today, we are going to meet our Reading Buddy. And, he is going to help us read!" I put a stamp on everyone's reading finger. I said, "Say, 'Hi Reading Buddy! Thank you for helping me read today!'"
They LOVED it!!!!

 At the end of the lesson, we said, "Thank you Reading Buddy! We'll see you tomorrow!"

I also love Reading Sticks! I shared about some Owl Reading Sticks that I made earlier in the year here. I use the ones I made as Name Sticks, but use the extras as Reading Sticks. 
 With Valentine's Day coming, I wanted to make some new 
Reading Sticks. 

I made two different styles! 
 These sticks are from Hobby Lobby

 These stickers are from JoAnn's. I also found the hearts at Target in the $ bins! I only used the hearts for this project. I used the owls for the next project.

 I just LOVE how they turned out! They were so easy and quick to make!

The craft sticks are from JoAnn's and the stickers are from Target $ bins.

I used the owl package for these Reading Sticks.

I just LOVE them! I can't wait to use these next week! My students are going to just flip!!! 
What tricks do you use to keep reading fun?! I'd love to hear about it!!!
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