Slim Down Saturday Week 2... Sort Of

To keep up with my One Little Word, Believe, ( I posted about that here) I have decided to keep myself accountable. I have decided to join Third Grade Tidbits and her Slim Down Saturdays Linky!

 I have been VERY focused on eating healthy and getting back down to my pre-teaching weight since August. I had a BIG setback this holiday season! I was doing soooooooo well. And, then I completely sabotaged myself. But, live and learn, right?! 

This is my first week joining this linky, so I do not have a loss to share. Next week! I weigh in every Friday for my school's Biggest Loser contest! We started on 1/10. 

I am really bad about eating breakfast! I always have coffee, but run out of time for breakfast. I am going to focus on oatmeal this week! I.Will.Eat.Breakfast.Everyday.

I will also drink MORE water this week! I don't always drink enough water during the day. But, my goal is to drink two bottles of water on my drive home from work each day (I have a 30 minute drive home). I can do this! I Believe.

Here is a turkey meatloaf recipe that I love to make! I visit Skinnytaste's blog
 often! I just love her recipes! If you follow the Weight Watchers Plan, she gives you the points for each recipe. She also gives calories, fat, etc. I love it! And, I just love her recipes!!! I will continue to share some of my favorites! Petite Turkey Meatloaf
What are some of your favorite, healthy, go to recipes? Please share!!!

Can't wait to let you know how my week goes! If you want to join in on the fun, link up with Third Grade Tidbits!


  1. Well done Beth for joining this linky. I think it's great that your school is participating in a Biggest Loser challenge, what a great way to keep yourself accountable.

  2. I love that you joined a biggest loser challenge! I did one with a bunch of people from my due date club (we all had babies at the same time) and it really motivated me! I just need to pretend I am doing one again! Thanks for joining in!


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