Slim Down Saturday January 18

It's that time again! I am doing it this time. I am. I even think about this linky when I am making food choices! I also think about my Biggest Loser Weigh In at work. Whatever works, right?!
 Ultimate Goal: I am soooo ready to be at my pre-teaching weight! 

Gain/Loss For the Week: -6 lbs. Super excited for this! Because I eliminated gluten, sugar, and dairy, (I had dairy when I caved and had Starbucks..) but I know I wasn't as focused as I need to be. This week will be better. I seriously gained VERY quickly over the holidays, so I will probably lose quickly. This is my pattern. I hope to just continue to lose and then maintain. No more gaining.

Total since starting: -6 lbs.

Positives for the week: I did not have sugar. And, I wanted it. BAD. It was a tough week and I totally imagined eating candy that doesn't have gluten, but I didn't! Starbursts and Skittles...I stared at them in the grocery aisle. I really stared at them. But, I resisted!!! Yay, me!

Something to do better: I'm not eating enough fruit or having enough water. I know both of these things will help me stay on track. I will do this. 

Goal for next week: Drink more tea! I love tea. Last week I drank tea a few times...
I adore my KEURIG. Adore. I tried tea in it, last week. I did not buy the tea. A student gave them to me as a gift. You see, at first...I thought..I'm never buying tea for my KEURIG. I love my tea kettle way too much. I also thought that's just way to spendy for tea!!! But, then I tried it. Oh. I just love it!!!! It's smooth and yummy and just so easy to make. LOVED it! I am definitely buying this tea THIS WEEK! 

One Word: Remember. I need to make sure I remember to stay on track. I need to remember my goal. 

Tonight, I made pea soup for the week! So yum. No bread for me...sure does look yummy, though! Actually, the pea soup is so delicious, I didn't even miss the bread. Really.
Pea soup from!
 I also made this fun snack! I learned this trick awhile back...I think at a Weight Watchers meeting years ago... But, I wanted to also include easy directions and a picture (since I didn't take one)! I found this link on Pinterest!! Click the picture and it will take you to the directions.
Thank you for this yummy, easy recipe!

What are your go-to recipes? Do you have any recipes that help you stay on track? I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Wow! 6 pounds in a week? That is awesome! You are definitely making some big changes, but it sounds like it is going well. Remembering this linky really helps me through the week too! Last week was really hard for me, but I knew I had to share and be transparent on here, so it helped! Have a great week!

    1. Thank you! It helps me so much when I have to be accountable! We can do this!

      Beth :)

  2. 6 pounds! Way to go!!! That is amazing! I am impressed with your strength to stay away from sugar too. I am awful about it. I don't binge though so I am forgiving myself for a piece here or there :). I have a keurig... ready for this... I don't even drink coffee HA... I got it for chai tea lattes and then found and became obsessed with cafe vanilla. In fact, I just ordered 100 kcups (ALL cafe vanilla) for $38. I should be set for a while haha. Keep up the awesome work!
    Third Grade Tidbits

    1. Thank you! I wish I could just have one piece of candy. Nope. If I had a bag of Starbursts, I would sit here and eat the whole bag!!! Hmmm...when I have sugar again, I will have to try the cafe vanilla! They sound great! Sounds like a yummy little treat! And, a great bargain!!!

      Beth :)


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