December Currently and another SALE!!!

Yay! It's December! And, that means it's time for Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Currently Linky!

 So, I haven't ever done a Linky Party, but I am really thinking about trying it! Have you ever set one up? Is it hard? I researched a little bit, and can sometimes be technology challenged...I usually figure it out, but it often takes me awhile! HA! So...stay tuned! I am going to try it! If you have any tips, I would love to hear them! :)

Have you gotten your WISHLIST ready for the BIG TpT SALE?! My wishlist is ready....and I spent over an hour the other night, giving feedback! I know...remember, above? Procrastinator? Yep. That's me. Anyways...I finally gave feedback on EVERY product I have purchased! So, I have lots of TpT credits to use for this SALE! Yay!

Thank you Krista Walden for your adorable button!

Everything in my little shop is 20% off! Use the code CYBER and get an additional sale from TpT, for a total of 28% off! Yay! 
Here are a some Winter favorites of mine!
This Hot Chocolate Graph is a FREEBIE in my little shop! SO MUCH FUN!!! 

Happy, Happy Shopping! 


  1. Can't wait for the sale tomorrow- I have a wish list that is loaded down!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one with a full TPT cart :) I'm setting my alarm a little early so I can get that done before heading off to school. Let me know what you learn about having a linky party or if there's anyway I can help. I've never done one either but I'd love to try.
    Elementary Expedition

    1. I know! I just love the TpT SALES! So much fun! I will be researching linky parties this week! I'll keep you posted!
      Beth :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your currently!!! I haven't ever hosted a linky party either, but I have also been thinking about. I am going to follow this post and see what all you figure out. I wonder too if it is hard to do???


    1. I will keep you updated! I really, really want to try it, so I am going to research it this week! There are so many wonderful step by step posts out there, I think I can do it! What did we ever do without google?! LOL!
      Beth :)

  4. Did you ever research the linky? I have one set up in my side bar and it super easy to do! I went to the site below and there was a nice video on how to go about setting it up. At the end, you just have to copy and paste the code to your blog. I decided to paste my into a "text widget" in my sidebar and have it their permanently.


    Good Luck!
    Kate :)
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