Happy Halloween!

WOW! Today, was a BUSY, treat filled day...squished in with our regular schedule! But, we got it done and my firsties LOVED it! 

We started our day with our morning work and while they were busy working away, I called students over to make SPIDER WEBS! This adorable activity is from A Day in First Grade!

I found these fun spiders at Target and my little ones were beyond excited to add a spider to their web! We definitely DID NOT eat these early in the morning!!! We didn't even finish making them in the morning! Recess came. The Candy Corn Bandit came. RTI came. Lunch came. Yep. That's my schedule. Soooooo...while my AMAZING parent volunteers worked on our next craftivity...I finished the spider webs!

Have you seen the Candy Corn Bandit Activity by The Inspired Apple? This is just soooo much fun! If you didn't get a chance to try this one out, you MUST get her Sweetheart Snatcher Packet! 
The moment my little ones walked into our classroom after recess and saw candy corn scattered around our classroom, they KNEW something was up!!! They instantly remembered the Sweetheart Snatcher from last year...and..so..the hunt was on!

Next, it was TREAT TIME! A wonderful parent brought in these yummy goodies!
Here are the Pinterest inspired ones we made as a class, last year!
The last activity of our day is from The Teacher Wife! I have been talking about this game all week! We played this game last Halloween and oh, my! They were SO HAPPY when I told them we were playing again! It was so much fun to hear my students from last year tell the rest of our class about this game! It's one of those games/activities they talk about all.year.long. Really. For reals.


Well, I had NO idea how wonderful they would turn out!!! My students LOVED this! 
 Soooo many cute ones! Do you see the Cinderella carriage?! Franklin? Sam I Am? There's even a bear! I am having the students share tomorrow...We just ran out of time today! I can't wait to hear my little firsties tell us all about these characters! Definitely check out this cute Pumpkin Book Report Craftivity!!!
You'll LOVE it!
I can't believe how quickly October flewwwww by! I will be back this weekend with the November Currently! What?! How is it already November?!!!!!

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  1. I love all the book reports. I am so happy that your class did this. Thank you for the shout out!



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