Happy Halloween!

WOW! Today, was a BUSY, treat filled day...squished in with our regular schedule! But, we got it done and my firsties LOVED it! 

We started our day with our morning work and while they were busy working away, I called students over to make SPIDER WEBS! This adorable activity is from A Day in First Grade!

I found these fun spiders at Target and my little ones were beyond excited to add a spider to their web! We definitely DID NOT eat these early in the morning!!! We didn't even finish making them in the morning! Recess came. The Candy Corn Bandit came. RTI came. Lunch came. Yep. That's my schedule. Soooooo...while my AMAZING parent volunteers worked on our next craftivity...I finished the spider webs!

Have you seen the Candy Corn Bandit Activity by The Inspired Apple? This is just soooo much fun! If you didn't get a chance to try this one out, you MUST get her Sweetheart Snatcher Packet! 
The moment my little ones walked into our classroom after recess and saw candy corn scattered around our classroom, they KNEW something was up!!! They instantly remembered the Sweetheart Snatcher from last year...and..so..the hunt was on!

Next, it was TREAT TIME! A wonderful parent brought in these yummy goodies!
Here are the Pinterest inspired ones we made as a class, last year!
The last activity of our day is from The Teacher Wife! I have been talking about this game all week! We played this game last Halloween and oh, my! They were SO HAPPY when I told them we were playing again! It was so much fun to hear my students from last year tell the rest of our class about this game! It's one of those games/activities they talk about all.year.long. Really. For reals.


Well, I had NO idea how wonderful they would turn out!!! My students LOVED this! 
 Soooo many cute ones! Do you see the Cinderella carriage?! Franklin? Sam I Am? There's even a bear! I am having the students share tomorrow...We just ran out of time today! I can't wait to hear my little firsties tell us all about these characters! Definitely check out this cute Pumpkin Book Report Craftivity!!!
You'll LOVE it!
I can't believe how quickly October flewwwww by! I will be back this weekend with the November Currently! What?! How is it already November?!!!!!

Five for Friday

I am joining Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday Linky!
On Monday, we celebrated all things apple by tasting some yummy treats! I wanted my students to try some new apple goodies...maybe something they had never tried before!?

Apple Butter on toast! Most of my students had never tried apple butter before! All but two LOVED it! They wanted seconds! Have you tried apple butter? It is so delicious...I love it on pancakes!
So sorry about this horrible pic! This was at the start of our morning and the sun was shining in! 

I also brought in an Apple Cake to try! This was, as you can probably guess, a BIG HIT! They wanted more, more, more! 

 To continue with our Apple Theme, we made these adorable Apple Friends! The apple pattern is a Freebie from The Bubbly Blonde! So cute!!! We added arms and legs to our friends! 

I added two new products to my little TpT Store.

I am loving this Black Chevron Alphabet Line so much! I used the same pictures I used in my very colorful, chevron Alphabet Line. But, I also wanted to give another option! Last year, I had a pirate themed classroom and my colorful, chevron alphabet would not have matched, but this black chevron alphabet would have been perfect!

I also added this Black Polka Dot Number Line to my TpT Store. My very colorful, polka dot Number Line has become my most popular item, so I wanted to also create another option for those classrooms where black is the main color or an accent color!

As many of you already know, I have an owl themed classroom...so I was super excited when I found this adorable picture last night at Target!!! I can't wait to add it to my classroom! LoVe! 
So, I have a new Friday night ritual...FIVE GUYS!!!!
Yep. I pretty much go there E.V.E.R.Y. Friday night! I know. So bad. But, oh so yummy! I am very limited in what restaurants I can go to and this is one of my favorites! 

 I hope you will link up with Doodle Bugs and her weekly linky!

October Currently

I just LOVE October!! I have linked up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and her monthly Currently to share a few of my favorites this month!

LISTENING:Do you watch Criminal Minds? I am watching the newest episode right now, but I also watch the old ones on A&E! I only started watching this show last year and I am HOOKED! I really love almost all crime shows! Plus, the MEN of the BAU...LOVE.

LOVING: October. I really do adore this month! Pumpkin everything, apple farms, cooler weather, the smell of fireplaces, leaves changing, mums, caramels, soups and chili in the crockpot, pumpkin candles, learning about spiders, bats, and owls, trick-or-treaters, goodies, and oh so much more!

THINKING: This Trimester is FLYING by! Seriously. Our Progress Reports go home next week...It's day 34 today! What?! 

WANTING: COOL WEATHER!!! Oh, how I want to wear my Costco Uggs, jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters...all while holding a warm cup of coffee! I really love the cool, crisp weather! Can't wait.

NEEDING: My firsties to be less social!!!! Oh.My. They are just such chatters! When they are working. When they are transitioning. When they are lining up. When they are walking in line. All.Day.Long. I have tried all of my bags of tricks. Some work. Some don't. Some work for awhile. Some not so much. The funny thing is...I had 2/3 of these students in Kindergarten. Some were in my class and some were in my partner teacher's class. I know these students. They WERE NOT this chatty in Kinder! We both had 26 students last year. This year, I have 33. Do seven students really make that much of a noise difference? YES. This is the biggest and chattiest class I have had in 17 years. Yesterday I thought, "Why on earth did I move to 1st Grade?!" Today, was better. I hope tomorrow will be even better. Wish me luck. :)

TRICK: So one of my saving graces has been the Quiet Game App. A substitute told me about it. The class LOVES it. If only I could use it all.day.long. I don't want its novelty to wear off, so I only use it once in awhile, ya' know?!

What are you loving about October? Link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade and share some of your favorites!
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