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I am a new blogger, but here is a post that I love, probably because I LOVE the activity SO MUCH!!

*******************Originally posted March 20, 2013*******************

Blending and Reading New Words

I love when my little ones start to put together words. They are so excited (and so am I!!) when they start to realize that the sounds they are blending, are making words. The excitement on their little faces is just precious! They are not just saying the sounds, they are blending...correctly! You can truly see that light bulb moment and it is contagious!

I love using my Making My New Words activity to foster this beautiful growth! This activity focuses on beginning sounds, medial, and ending sounds. It's perfect for differentiating, during small group instruction. Once the students are beginning to master blending, I also use this activity during Daily 5. 

Making My New Words
When using the Making My New Words activity, I like to begin with beginning sounds, so the students can see the word families they are creating. After creating these new cvc and nonsense words, we focus on fluency when reading the words. Once the students have mastered this skill, I move to the ending sounds, and finally the medial sound.

I start with teaching the students to say each sound in the word, then blending the word. When the student has mastered this skill, we focus on reading the word without sounding it out. The students LOVE when they reach this point. They love to read these words, and they are so excited when we point to them and say, "You're a reader!"

Check out Making My New Words in my TpT store. It's one of my very favorite activities to create new readers!

By the end of the school year, the students were rocking this activity!! My high students were able to read these real and nonsense words, fluently. I started giving each student an "e" to put at the end. It was an excellent way to introduce "bossy e"! They loved it! 

My at grade level students worked on reading these words, fluently. We continued to remind them to read them "fast as a snap," rather than always sounding out each letter. By the end of the year, they were right there with our highest students. Love it when that happens!

My lowest students struggled with this activity, when we first introduced it. I differentiated by giving each student in my small group the same beginning letter. This enabled them to just focus on sounding out each letter, as a small group. They were able to take turns and gain confidence, as a group. They did not feel overwhelmed by all of the different letters. 

As the year progressed, they were able to add more letters, and eventually fill the entire card. It was so wonderful to watch this growth! I was soooooooo proud of them, especially because they started the year knowing zero letters and sounds. :( They ended the year knowing all of their letters and sounds, AND becoming proficient at decoding these real and nonsense words! I know that this activity, along with my decoding games, were a BIG part of this growth! Sooooo PROUD!  

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