Pirate Performance!

Last week we had a Pirate Performance for our families! It was absolutely adorable!! Here is the invitation we sent home to our families.

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We made the cutest pirates by Kinder by Kim! The students LOVED making their own pirates and were soooooo excited to see them up as part of the background for our performance!

Pirates inspired by Kinder by Kim decorated our stage!

We asked the students to dress up as pirates, wearing black, white, red, striped, or polka dot shirts with black or jean pants/shorts/skirt. We provided the eye patch and scarf! They looked AWESOME!!!!

My partner teacher and I joined in on the fun! Aargh! So sorry about the boxes in the background! We are in the middle of moving classrooms!

Our first song was the "Silly Pirate Song," by Jack Hartmann! Sooooo cute!

Next, we gave each student a baseball hat that we got from Oriental Trading. The students put the hats on sideways and we performed the song, "Hip-Hop Tooty Ta," by Jack Hartmann.

When the song ended, we invited the parents to stand up and join us in the "Hip-Hop Tooty Ta"! Oh.My.Goodness. Soooooooo fun!!!!!

Have you played this song for your students? You should! They will absolutely LOVE it! 

After the performance, we went back to class and had some yummy snacks! Here is the Sign-Up Sheet we put on our door the week before our performance!
Clip Art by Digi Web Studio
We have wonderful parents and this list was completed and then some!!! Here are some pics of the AWESOME cupcakes that one of my AMAZING moms made! Aren't they so cute! Yummy, too!

Pirate Cupcakes

Pirate Cupcakes
We had a wonderful day! My partner teacher and I kept saying, "That was so cute!" "Didn't they look so cute?!" They really did! :)

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