Pirate Performance!

Last week we had a Pirate Performance for our families! It was absolutely adorable!! Here is the invitation we sent home to our families.

Clip Art by Digi Web Studio
We made the cutest pirates by Kinder by Kim! The students LOVED making their own pirates and were soooooo excited to see them up as part of the background for our performance!

Pirates inspired by Kinder by Kim decorated our stage!

We asked the students to dress up as pirates, wearing black, white, red, striped, or polka dot shirts with black or jean pants/shorts/skirt. We provided the eye patch and scarf! They looked AWESOME!!!!

My partner teacher and I joined in on the fun! Aargh! So sorry about the boxes in the background! We are in the middle of moving classrooms!

Our first song was the "Silly Pirate Song," by Jack Hartmann! Sooooo cute!

Next, we gave each student a baseball hat that we got from Oriental Trading. The students put the hats on sideways and we performed the song, "Hip-Hop Tooty Ta," by Jack Hartmann.

When the song ended, we invited the parents to stand up and join us in the "Hip-Hop Tooty Ta"! Oh.My.Goodness. Soooooooo fun!!!!!

Have you played this song for your students? You should! They will absolutely LOVE it! 

After the performance, we went back to class and had some yummy snacks! Here is the Sign-Up Sheet we put on our door the week before our performance!
Clip Art by Digi Web Studio
We have wonderful parents and this list was completed and then some!!! Here are some pics of the AWESOME cupcakes that one of my AMAZING moms made! Aren't they so cute! Yummy, too!

Pirate Cupcakes

Pirate Cupcakes
We had a wonderful day! My partner teacher and I kept saying, "That was so cute!" "Didn't they look so cute?!" They really did! :)


Sunflower Handprint-A Mother's Day Craft

Happy, Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your mom! Or, enjoyed the day being pampered by your kiddos! :)

We made one of my favorite art activities for our moms this week! I truly look forward to this ALL year. I have been making it for 14? years! There are not many crafts out there that I repeat year after year, but this is one of them! 

Sunflower Handprint
Before making this flower, I love reading the book The Tiny Seed, by Eric Carle. Have you read this book? It's a must read!

Here are the steps to make the sunflower handprint:
Step 1: Paint your student's hand orange. 
Step 2: Make the print at the top of the page. Add more paint. Make print on the right. Add more paint. Make print on the left. Add more paint. Make print on the bottom. The fingers will be facing out for all of the prints.
Step 3: Let dry.
Step 4: Repeat process using yellow.
Step 5: Let dry.
Step 6: Using green paint, let the student paint the stem and leaves.
Step 7: Give them brown paint to make the seeds by dipping their finger and adding the seeds.
Step 8: Let dry.
Step 9: Have student write their name using a black marker at the bottom.
Step 10: Laminate and display in the classroom and/or send home as your Mother's Day gift.
Laminated Sunflower Handprint
Laminated Sunflower Handprint
Aren't these adorable?! I LOVE how each student creates the leaves so differently! This year, we did not put the sunflower handprints up on our walls. We just sent them home, along with a poem for Mother's Day. We also gave each student a real sunflower to take home to their mommies! Our little ones were sooooo excited! It was actually really cute. While we were lined up to go home, they were lifting their sunflowers up in the air to be closer to the sun! Isn't that just precious?!! They are sunflowers, after all! :)

I forgot to take a pic of our beautiful sunflowers, but here is one that is very similar to the flowers our little ones took home.

What do you like making for Mother's Day? Maybe this sunflower handprint will make its way into your classroom, someday. 

All Things Pirate! Aargh!!!

I have a pirate themed classroom and it is so much fun!

Here are a few of the fun things we use to add to our pirate theme:

TREASURE CHEST: We put our prizes in our treasure chest! One of the treasure chests is filled with Pirate's Booty! Have you ever tried this before? So yummy and it's gluten free! A must for me!

Pirate's Booty, Aged White Cheddar, 4-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
Yummy Pirate's Booty! This is a perfect prize for our classroom!!

WHOLE BRAIN RULES: We love using Chris Biffle's Whole Brain Teaching Rules in our classroom. I made these to fit our pirate theme. We have them up in a few places around our classroom...including individual ones that we use as reminders.

CLIP CHART: Our clip chart was inspired by Welcome to Room 36 . We discovered her clip chart this past summer, but it wasn't available in her store yet. We loved it soooooo much, that we had to make our own! BUT, her ADORABLE behavior chart is now available! Check it out!!

Our Whole Brain Rules are right next to our Clip Chart-a great way to reflect on the rule that was broken.
P.I.R.A.T.E. BINDER: We use Deanna Jump's P.I.R.A.T.E. binder cover for our binders. Check them out!
This is the first year I have used a binder to communicate with the parents. LOVE it! The daily communication is a must have!

BIRTHDAY BOARD: We keep each student's name and birthday on a popsicle stick and put it in the birthday baggie we got from Hobby Lobby. When the students' birthday month arrives, we put the popsicle sticks in our calendar pockets.

TABLE NAMES: I like to start of the beginning of the school year using our Pirate Theme for our Table Names. As the year continues, we change the Table Names based on our Science and Social Studies Themes.

Pirate Ships


Treasure Chest

Treasure Maps
I have added this to my TpT store as a freebie!
CRATES and CANS: I posted about my DIY crates and cans here. I love little touches like this to help add to the cuteness of the theme!
DIY Crates
DIY Mod Podge Cans
GAMES: We love playing games in our classroom! So, of course, I had to create a pirate themed game! If your students love pirates, you have a pirate themed classroom, or if you just want a fun way to reinforce the following skills, then this is the game for you!

                    *Letters and Sounds      *Number Recognition
                    *Sight Words                *CVC Words, including nonsense words
                    *CVCe Words                *Addition/Subtraction Skills

You can find Aargh! Pirate Center Games in my TpT store!
PIRATE PERFORMANCE: To end our year, we are going to have a "Pirate Performance" for the parents! Have you heard the "Silly Pirate Song" by Jack Hartmann? Oh.My.Goodness. It is adorable and our students LOVE it! We can't wait to sing it for our families and, of course, dress up as pirates! Aargh!

PINTEREST BOARD: I love Pinterest!! I have a Pinterest Board called All Things Pirate! Aargh!!! Check it out for more pirate ideas!

PIRATE PICTURES: During the first few days of school, we took pictures of each student wearing a pirate hat! We have used the picture throughout the year for different activities. Here is a picture of my partner teacher (she teaches the afternoon class)...and me. :)

My partner teacher! I sure will miss teaching with her next year! :(
Our "Pirate Performance" is in a couple of weeks! I will share some pics from our party (after the performance) with you..we will be joining in the fun and dressing up as pirates, too! Can't wait to see our little ones dressed as pirates! So CUTE!!

Do you have classroom theme? What fun ideas do you use to help incorporate the theme into learning, design, performances? I would love to hear your ideas!


My First, But Definitely Not My Last, SALE!!!

I am SOOOOOOOO!!!!!! excited to have my very first SALE! I have joined with Teachers Pay Teachers and I am participating in the Teacher Appreciation Sale! Yay! 

Thank you so much to Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs for this adorable graphic! Check out her store! She's having a SALE, too! 

I have so many wonderful products on my wish list and I cannot wait to buy them! Have you been adding to your wish list? Now is the time to go shopping!!! See you at the SALE! :)
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