Farm Friends and a Freebie!

We have been learning all about farm animals! There are so many wonderful units on TpT and we were able to incorporate a little of each into our learning.

After learning about cows, we mad Deanna Jump's Cow Glyph and added Julie Lee's sentence frames to our cows. We also made the pigs from Julie Lee's Farm Unit, again adding the sentence frames.

Deanna Jump's Cow Glyph

Cow Circle Map with Deanna Jump's cows
Pig Circle Map with Julie Lee's pigs
During centers, we used a lot of Mrs. Williamson's (Welcome to Room 36) Farm Unit. We loved using her Farm Pocket Chart Sentences!

We also added my Farm Friends games to our centers. These games were perfect for our students and the skills they are focusing on.
Farm Friends

We are working really hard on decoding in our class. The students have been working so hard, that CVC words are TOO easy for some of the groups! Don't you just LOVE when the students exceed your expectations?! In the decoding games, I have added ee words, r-controlled, and CVCe words for our students who are working above grade level. However, I still have CVC words for our students who are still working on mastering decoding skills.

Decoding Game from Farm Friends Center Games
I have also added addition and subtraction facts to these games. We played this game using little farm animals as our manipulatives. They were perfect!
Addition Game
These Farm Friends Center Games are in my TpT Store and are a perfect addition to your Farm Unit, or just as additional practice with Decoding, High Frequency Words, Letters and Sounds, and Number Recognition.

This unit also includes a graph. Here are the results of our Favorite Farm Animal Graph:

As we continued to learn about Farm Animals, we also made this cow and used kinderbykim's idea of adding facts about cows to the cow's body!
A cow inspired by kinderbykim and KPM Doodles
These adorable animals were inspired by Deanna Jump's Farm Unit compare and contrast activity. Deanna had animals and directions in her unit, but we decided to make our own with the help of KPM Doodles' amazing art work. Plus, we thought it was just soooooo cute to use the animals from our Farm Friends Center Games and Table Names.

Compare/Contrast Activity by Deanna Jump
You are probably wondering about the precious craftivity hanging out with our farm animals, right?!! That's Mrs. Wishy Washy!! Mrs. Williamson has this cutesie craft in her Farm Unit. Now, some things start off with AWESOME intentions! But, it doesn't always turn out the way you plan. Sometimes, too often! LOL! But, that's another post!! The pink part of our precious craftivity was supposed to be white! We accidentally cut the wrong color paper....But, we didn't want to waste the paper, so we went with it! We still think they turned out sooooooo cute, don't you?! :) Mrs. Wishy Washy is such a fun character! You have to check out the books when you get a chance!!

We have been focusing on our High Frequency (Sight) Words so much, that we are putting them all around the classroom! Here is a way that we incorporated them into our Farm Unit...Table Names using adorable clip art from KPM Doodles.

Now, what you have (hopefully) been waiting for!! The Freebie! I have added a similar version of the following High Frequency (Sight) Word game to my TpT store. It is called This Little Piggy! A High Frequency Word Game. I hope you enjoy it!

This Little Piggy!
WoW!! This was a LONG post!!! But, I hope you are able to take away some great ideas for when you teach your Farm Unit! 

If you downloaded This Little Piggy!, I would love to hear from you! I would also love for you to become a follower of my blog and TpT store, so I can share more ideas and freebies with you! :)
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