Blending and Reading New Words

I love when my little ones start to put together words. They are so excited (and so am I!!) when they start to realize that the sounds they are blending, are making words. The excitement on their little faces is just precious! They are not just saying the sounds, they are blending...correctly! You can truly see that light bulb moment and it is contagious!

I love using my Making My New Words activity to foster this beautiful growth! This activity focuses on beginning sounds, medial, and ending sounds. It's perfect for differentiating, during small group instruction. Once the students are beginning to master blending, I also use this activity during Daily 5. 

Making My New Words
When using the Making My New Words activity, I like to begin with beginning sounds, so the students can see the word families they are creating. After creating these new cvc and nonsense words, we focus on fluency when reading the words. Once the students have mastered this skill, I move to the ending sounds, and finally the medial sound.

I start with teaching the students to say each sound in the word, then blending the word. When the student has mastered this skill, we focus on reading the word without sounding it out. The students LOVE when they reach this point. They love to read these words, and they are so excited when we point to them and say, "You're a reader!"

Check out Making My New Words in my TpT store. It's one of my very favorite activities to create new readers!


  1. Those magical light bulb moments are why we teach! You have created a great activity to scaffold students into readers!
    Forever A Teacher, Forever A Learner

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Cute BLOG! Keep in touch!

  3. Love this idea! Although I teach second grade, I have alot of students who still need practice with nonsense words and this is a great way to teach them! Thanks for sharing!

    The Applicious Teacher

  4. Of course!:) There are so many ways to extend this activity and adapt to 1st or 2nd grade..diagraphs, cvce, cvvc..the possibilities are endless!

  5. I love that you start with the word families first. It is so important for the children to see the patterns in words. What a cute activity!

  6. Thank you so much! I completely agree. I love when the students also start to see that these word families rhyme! :)

  7. Great Blog!!! preschoolers can learn everything they need to know in the school of life. Would love to see your article again.Thanks for sharing about preschool. pre school education

  8. Love! I need to make some of these cute containers ASAP!


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