We LOVE Hot Chocolate!

The month of January is perfect for hot chocolate! We added my HOT! HOT! HOT CHOCOLATE! Center Games to our centers. They are a wonderful way for the students to practice their letters and sounds, sight words, cvc words, and numbers.

Letters and Sounds Center Game

CVC Words Center Game

We also made homemade hot chocolate and used my Hot Chocolate Graph activity to graph whether we like hot chocolate with or without marshmallows. They LOVED this day! Surprise, surprise, the majority of our students loved hot chocolate WITH marshmallows! 
Homemade Hot Chocolate

Our Class Graph

After first tasting the hot chocolate without marshmallows, we gave the students a few marshmallows in their hot chocolate to taste. They were able to taste this and if they wanted more marshmallows, we gave them more! Isn't it funny how most kids just LOVE marshmallows?! I am not a big fan of marshmallows (unless they are in rice krispie treats!LOL!) and would have chosen hot chocolate without marshmallows!

We tasted the hot chocolate both ways and then graphed this information. Then, as a class, we completed an individual graph that matched the Class Graph. 
Check out both of these activities in my TpT store if they sound like something your class would enjoy.


  1. OK, I didn't realize the Hot Chocolate games were YOURS!! Clicked on your store and saw them there! I am so impressed!! Super cute. Immediately pinned them to an (ahem) HUGE Kindergarten collaborative board.

    About to follow your TpT store as well. Great stuff there!! How long have you been at TpT?

    1. Awwww...Thank you! I posted my first item at the end of December, beginning of January? So, I am very new! But, I LOVE it! I will have to check out the pinterest board!


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