Valentine's Day Fun!

Don't cha just love Valentine's Day? We had an AMAZING day! We began our day with Clue #1 and the Sweetheart Snatcher by The Inspired Apple. Oh.My.Goodness. This was such a fun activity. You should really check it out! It is an activity that we will use year after year...It's that good! Truly.

We also passed out our Valentines. This year our school is out of laminate.. :(
So, we had to adjust our "tried and true" Valentine holders. I found this cutie from The First Grade Parade! It reminded me of a "Valentine Pal" that we have made for years, so it was perfect. Here's our little version...

Valentines Holder--Our "Valentine Pal"

Our little ones LOVED walking out with these. Their Valentine Pal was filled with Valentines and lots and lots of yummy goodies! 

We added my Be Mine Games and Activities to our centers. The games include Letters and Sounds, Sight (High Frequency) Words, CVC and Nonsense Words, and Number Recognition. We are able to use these games and differentiate our instruction for each group, depending on their level.

Be Mine Center Games and Activities 
 I have also included a graphing activity using Hugs and Kisses to this Unit. What a hit! I have done this graphing activity for the last few years. It sure was fun and yummy!

I created two different pictures for the graph to choose from...I teach morning Kindergarten and my partner teacher teaches the afternoon class. Check out the results for both classes. 
Morning Class Graph

Afternoon Class Graph

It's actually pretty funny to look at the total number of kids that partcipated in the graphing activity because it doesn't represent our true numbers. We actually have small classes this year at 25 each. A lot of our little ones have been sick lately. :(

After tasting the Hugs and Kisses and completing a class graph, we recorded the results.

Student Graph

Check out the center activity games and this graph in my Be Mine Unit.

What were your favorite Valentine's Day activities?


Winter Animals

During January, we had an awesome time learning about Penguins and Arctic Animals using Deanna Jump's units. They are wonderful!
Walruses from Deanna Jump's Arctic Animals Unit. 

Aren't these adorable?! We did forget to add the whiskers! Oops! 

Tear Art Penguins from Kaboose

 While learning about these interesting animals, we also played Winter Animals. These are center games that include Letters and Sounds, Sight Words, CVC and Nonsense Words, and Number Recognition. I have added questions about penguins, walruses, and polar bears to help check for understanding. Check out the Winter Animals Center Games in my TpT Store.

Winter Animals Center Games

These games are an excellent addition to any unit learning about penguins, walruses, or polar bears. My students love these games!


We LOVE Hot Chocolate!

The month of January is perfect for hot chocolate! We added my HOT! HOT! HOT CHOCOLATE! Center Games to our centers. They are a wonderful way for the students to practice their letters and sounds, sight words, cvc words, and numbers.

Letters and Sounds Center Game

CVC Words Center Game

We also made homemade hot chocolate and used my Hot Chocolate Graph activity to graph whether we like hot chocolate with or without marshmallows. They LOVED this day! Surprise, surprise, the majority of our students loved hot chocolate WITH marshmallows! 
Homemade Hot Chocolate

Our Class Graph

After first tasting the hot chocolate without marshmallows, we gave the students a few marshmallows in their hot chocolate to taste. They were able to taste this and if they wanted more marshmallows, we gave them more! Isn't it funny how most kids just LOVE marshmallows?! I am not a big fan of marshmallows (unless they are in rice krispie treats!LOL!) and would have chosen hot chocolate without marshmallows!

We tasted the hot chocolate both ways and then graphed this information. Then, as a class, we completed an individual graph that matched the Class Graph. 
Check out both of these activities in my TpT store if they sound like something your class would enjoy.

I LOVE My New Design!

I LOVE my new design! Erin over at creating and designing created this wonderful design for me. I couldn't be happier! It puts a smile on my face every time I see my new design! So FUN!

I can't wait to share teaching ideas, products, freebies, and DIY ideas for the classroom! 

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